This most recent body of work continues my fascination with travel and especially with commuting. Visually I am interested in the fragmentation of the image through the layering of images. I did not want to document a view of the landscape from a specific position, on a specific day, but rather to explore the landscape I pass through in a more generalisable, holistic way. I wanted to formulate an image that was whole but also broken apart. So these are multiple images working as one. I wanted to find a way to blend together different moments in time, different spaces and different locations although all from my regular/daily journey to work. I wanted to bring them together in a central unifying image. Each layer is an unedited document of my journey to and/or from work photographed throughout 2020 and into 2021. I really like the idea of the banality and repetition of the everyday commute being used to generate the work.

The new sketch to the left builds upon previous experiments with layering and combining films of journeys to and from work. I am interested in ideas such as time, boredom and the perception of photographs as accurate documents. The masks are based upon a topographic map of areas that I commute through each day.  

In the video piece below each of the four overlaid journeys begin at the same place, but due to the nature of travel quite quickly fall out of sync with one another. I am interested in the way your focus moves between the piece as an abstract whole and individual details. The images create a cycle of different places, but they can all be tied together through the central unifying theme of the road, which leads the viewer into and around the video. I was after a three dimensional quality. Working as well are the ideas of montage and editing, essentially filmic concepts, as is repetition.